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Posted: August 03, 2010 08:49 am
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I planted all of these on around the 28th of May:

Left to right:
Courgettes, Carrots, Runner Beans, Basil, mixed Veg

however, since then (picture is around 3 weeks old) I've planted radishes (which are almost ready) and the courgettes have been re-planted with space to grow (got a few fruits on them, almost ready to pick!) and the beans... well they've grown out of control

Maybe next summer I plan better what order I plant them in.... But then again it was only a few free packets of seeds from the BBC Dig In campaign thing

also getting a free tree from Velvet (the bum-fodder company), I would post a link but the campaign's ended now sadly. A nice sapling Rowan smile.gif

Anyway, I'll post a picture update when everything's removed to see what I managed to do with my summer lol
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