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Posted: November 28, 2012 02:21 pm
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Brachypelma Smithi, approx 4" legspan, female, with Terrarium (12"x12" exoterra), decor, heat mat
Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens, approx 4" legspan, female, with terrarium (tall 12"x12" exoterra, decor, heat mat
Asian Forest Scorpion, approx 2", with plastic tank, heat mat
Avicularia Purpurea, approx 2", with sweet jar tank
Chile Beautiful, euthalus truculentus, approx 2.5" legspan, female, with faunarium, heatmat
Euathlus Sp Blue, approx 2.5" legspan, female (?), with faunarium
Chaco Gold knee, Approx 2", probably male, with Faunarium
Acanthoscurria Geniculata, Approx 2", female, with plastic tank
Psalmopoeus irminia large sling, approx 1/2" with plastic tank
Lampropelma violaceopes, approx 3", showing signs of blue in shed, but haven't seen spid for a while as in burrow. I think it may be a female.
Also available tall 12"x12" exoterra terrarium, 2 x thermostats,

400 all in.
Everything has to go, new baby taking up all my time. I'm in Shipley, near Bradford.

Also have 2 x glass display cabinets ( from Ikea) with heat strips on back and mirror tiles for each shelf, which have been housing all these spids for extra 50 if anyone wants them.

My Collection:
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