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Phil messenger
Posted: December 09, 2005 05:12 pm
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Meridionalis Master

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Hi All
below are the pics that were used during the discussion and a copy of the chat transcript, i have removed all the Hi's bye's time stamps and most of the off topic.

Phil Messenger
Tarantula store founder

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Ian M
Posted: December 09, 2005 08:21 pm
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Link to Pic

Link to ornata blue pic from chat

Ian M
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Ian M
Posted: December 09, 2005 08:24 pm
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second link
P ornata sp blue

Ian M
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Ray Gabriel
Posted: December 09, 2005 08:25 pm
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Angelarachnid (moderator)

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post pics and links to the chat here.
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Ian M
Posted: December 09, 2005 08:25 pm
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Third link
P ornata sp blue

Ian M
Brachypelma.co.uk ,
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Ian M
Posted: December 09, 2005 08:56 pm
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Ian M
Brachypelma.co.uk ,
Visit the Poecilotheria, Guided Trips

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Ray Gabriel
Posted: December 09, 2005 09:03 pm
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Angelarachnid (moderator)

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Here is a pic of the light form of ornata

Attached Image
Attached Image
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Ray Gabriel
Posted: December 09, 2005 09:04 pm
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Angelarachnid (moderator)

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and a pic of one of my c/b spiderlings from normal parents

Attached Image
Attached Image
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Laura Korska
Posted: December 09, 2005 09:14 pm
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Wow, sounds like it was a good chat. I would have liked to join in. Too bad I'm at work! Great pictures.


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Posted: December 09, 2005 09:25 pm
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Iridopelma sp. "Ceará"

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

This post has been edited by Phalagorn on December 09, 2005 09:26 pm
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Ian M
Posted: December 09, 2005 09:35 pm
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Martins link to blue II or III ?

Ian M
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Martin H.
Posted: December 09, 2005 09:35 pm
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Der Rausschmeißer

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for ray:

>>click here<<

»ARACHNE« – the journal for keepers of tarantulas and other arachnids
Deutsche Arachnologische Gesellschaft e.V.
British Tarantula Society
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Posted: December 09, 2005 10:29 pm
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Almost as big a scallywag as Tescos but not worth a big mention

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Interesting link arboreal stort of..


Only ever been banned from two Forums so far (But Tescos is still in the lead)
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user posted image
user posted image

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Posted: December 09, 2005 10:48 pm
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I am posting the name of German dealer Christian Santoro for Avicularia sp. Amazonica

Christian Santoro E-mail: c.santoro@arcor.de

Post a picture of it please.

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Ray Gabriel
Posted: December 09, 2005 11:45 pm
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Angelarachnid (moderator)

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I was going to post links to pics of Avicularia sp "amazonica " here but i have deleted the email.

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Phil messenger
Posted: December 10, 2005 12:02 am
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Meridionalis Master

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I would just like to thank ray.gif for tonights arboreal chat, well done and a great chat. I will post a transcript tomorrow for those that did not make it.

Phil Messenger
Tarantula store founder

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Posted: December 10, 2005 12:12 am
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Almost as big a scallywag as Tescos but not worth a big mention

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Yes a great nights chat from ray.gif and all who came in, normal partly OT chat is good but this gives chance to talk more about spids in depth and they will get even better as they go on im sure.

Only ever been banned from two Forums so far (But Tescos is still in the lead)
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user posted image
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A thought crime a day keeps the padded cell away!!
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Phil messenger
Posted: December 10, 2005 03:53 pm
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Meridionalis Master

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hike34 Logs in

Phalagorn Logs in

Martin_H. Logs in

Martin_H.: do you know which time is in the UK right now?

Phalagorn: 19.57

Phalagorn: I think that UK are 1 our back in time.

Martin_H.: but I don't know, if they have wintertime or not

Martin_H.: ...when the chat will start at 8 pm, why is there nobody here right now?

angelarachnid Logs in

angelarachnid: Morning chaps

angelarachnid: brb going for a ciggie

angelarachnid: Hi Martin, will be back in 2 mins

Martin_H.: ok

Phalagorn: brb, Im just cocking noodles! wink.gif

Martin_H.: @Phalagorn ...have you written this text http://zoonen.com/perzoonen/artikel.asp?oid=232765 all alone? =;-)

Phil_messenger Logs in

Phalagorn: Martin_H. no

angelarachnid: Martin i cannot open the link from the room

FryLock Logs in

Ian_M Logs in

pocoloco Logs in

Phil_messenger: what link

Martin_H.: Ray, not that important, has been a "private" question to Stefan...

angelarachnid: the one posted just before you came in Phil

FryLock: i thought half the members were choping at the bit for this chat lets hope more enter later

angelarachnid: Martin was it about this ornata sp "blue"?

Chid Logs in

Martin_H.: Ray, nope, about the genus Poecilotheria in general

angelarachnid: I dont know when the book will be ready LOLOL

FryLock: lol

angelarachnid: Though i do have alot of work to get done in the next few weeks

metallica Logs in

Martin_H.: Ray, btw, I now someone who raised P. ornata and one molt to the
other, some specimens turned bluish (she showed me photos and a cast skin); but
that's a different story and not the P. sp. "blue" in the pet trade

Phalagorn: And now, were do we start with P. ornata "blue"?

angelarachnid: Interesting Martin i have seen formosa which are more "blueish than
purple" after a moult but fade down

pocoloco: i think one of the formosa i had of you ray is liek that

angelarachnid: Ok lets start with ornata sp blue.

angelarachnid: Possibly from the female Poco, but not something i would consider as "distinct"

Phalagorn: I´ got 3 links I´l will show you

Phalagorn: with pictures

pocoloco: it was the different colour form i had of you a few years ago

angelarachnid: The taxonomical feature of the spot on the underside of the leg is stable, the size of the spot is not.

Martin_H.: Ray, it hasn't been the purple or bluish shine a lot of Poecilotheria a showing short after a molt, more a bluish tint of all hairs (if I remember right)

angelarachnid: Pete Kirk has already informed me of a "light" variation in P. ornata

Phalagorn: Martin_H. do you got P. sp "blue"?

angelarachnid: Maybe this spec blue is the same variation

angelarachnid: I wouldnt mind seeing that Martin

Phalagorn: angelarachnid - do you know how "light"?

Martin_H.: maybe next time in Kornwesthime – the owner will be there and I can ask her to bring photos and maybe also the cast skin to KWH

angelarachnid: I do not think variation is something which will be discussed at great length in the book

Ian_M: Phalagorn Thats the Q I was going to ask but not directed at Martin has anyone here got one ?

angelarachnid: something like the size variation in relation to region in P. subfusca might be covered but that is about it.

Phalagorn: Ian_M if he got I wonder how big? if it´ ok?

angelarachnid: where would we draw the line?

Phalagorn: P. ornata "blue form" http://i14.photobucket.com/albums/a315/pha...n2/6102b8c3.jpg

angelarachnid: Yes please Martin as you know i will be there in March

FryLock: mine are not "blue" i do have P.ornata sp "swindon"

angelarachnid: Phalagorn i cannot open links from the chat

angelarachnid: Is it an idea to also have a thread running on the forum to lost links and pics?

FryLock: best thing to do

Chid: nor me ray

angelarachnid: Ok give me a min i have to split screen the chat.

metallica: as they are sold as P. ornata sp "blue"(thus ornata and not a new species), and had ornata price, what is the problem?

FryLock: good point eddy

pocoloco: i was under the impression they had a higher price tag

FryLock: nope not the one's iv seen

metallica: that was the blue regalis that has the high price tag.

FryLock: lol

pocoloco: lol

FryLock: now there's a scam lol

pocoloco: i know if you can do that with beetroot, just what could i do with my baby thorelli to turn then into cyriopa.. blue lol

Ian_M: Blueberrys

rayhale Logs in

Phalagorn: angelarachnid - Does the link work?

Phil_messenger: link worked ok here

angelarachnid: not for me

FryLock: same here Phil

Phalagorn: it´ an juvenile P. ornata "blue"

angelarachnid: computer is running slow just now

Phil_messenger: phal, post the pic on the forum in the chat reminder thread, all should have the forum open under the chat room

Ian_M: Have posted phalagorns link to pic in thread on forum

Phalagorn: I got 2 more links, you can post

Phalagorn: P. ornata and P. ornata "blue form" - ventral http://i14.photobucket.com/albums/a315/phalagorn2/1.jpg P. ornata "blue form" - ventral, leg IV http://i14.photobucket.com/albums/a315/pha...n2/783c800b.jpg

Ian_M: post them here I will copy them to thread

Phalagorn: ok, where is the thread?

FryLock: gaaa i should stay away from AB they got a mod there saying a spider with no U hair from SE Brazil is a male GGB now >:¬(

metallica: only 1 question.... where is the blue?

petrospider Logs in

paul Logs in

FryLock: it's only visable at a certain angle Eddy

angelarachnid: when Richard Gallon was down last weekend i showed him juveniles of my P. ornata which look like sp blue

Phil_messenger: did the ornata "blue" get introduced to the hobby from W/C?

angelarachnid: they were bred from normal parents

metallica: and only at certain times a day Bill?

FryLock: yes eddy you have seen them before then

Phil_messenger: if so, same locale or elsewhere

MetalDragon_boy Logs in

Phalagorn: Ian_M - I see the links in the thread now smile.gif

angelarachnid: Phil i have been told he gets them in the trade AND has stuff sent to him from Sri Lanka

FryLock: someone risks exporting P.ornata from SL?

Ian_M: the leg iv pics are interesting

Phalagorn: det spot at femur

MetalDragon_boy: what links are you talking about?

angelarachnid: es he gets ornata

Ian_M: http://www.the-t-store.co.uk/forum/index.p...opic=5557&st=0&

angelarachnid: not subfusca or smithi or anything new just ornata

angelarachnid: this also makes me think its a scam

angelarachnid: selling ornata with a blue label

angelarachnid: i have regalis which are more yellow of the top than white

petrospider Logs in

Martin_H.: Fry, why risk? I know one who has export permits for Sri Lanka!

angelarachnid: i dont sell them as spec "gold"

angelarachnid: Which we need to speak to Im march Martin

FryLock: oh i thought they followed india on banning

angelarachnid: I will send you some of my pics for comparison

Ian_M: Not banned Fry just not easy

Martin_H.: Fry, it took him a lot time to get the papers, but he got them!

Phalagorn: So what are you guy thinking of the little diffrence at femur?

angelarachnid: In Sri Lanka it is illegal to collect without permits

Martin_H.: ray. why not before? =;-)

angelarachnid: in India it is ilegal to export without permits

FryLock: might get hold of some cheap subbys one day

MetalDragon_boy: As far as i know I and Phalagorn is the only ones in the forum that keeps this ornata "blue"?

Phalagorn: you to Niklas

angelarachnid: computer on go slow and i have to find the pics which means another screen open

Phalagorn: any one else?

MetalDragon_boy: yes as I said I and you stefan!

angelarachnid: well if the pics are anything to go by i have some also

Phalagorn: MetalDragon_boy - Sorry Im hög

angelarachnid: bred by myself

metallica: anyone ordered the P. "tigris"yet?

Phalagorn: expensive!

angelarachnid: no how much are they selling for?

petrospider: Yes, I did...

Phalagorn: 300 euro

angelarachnid: LOL

MetalDragon_boy: wouldnt it be a good idea to let us raise these slings into atleast
4" specimens and then take pics on the spider? stefan is really good at taking pics so it would be very fine and clear pics

Martin_H.: eddy, who is offering them?

Phalagorn: angelarachnid - do you got some pics and where?

FryLock: il wait.. a while i think

angelarachnid: and they are supposed to be more interested in SCIENCE than MONEY

metallica: Thorsten Kroes

angelarachnid: Pics of which one Steffen?

Martin_H.: Eddy, where? Haven't seen this ad!

Phil_messenger: i have not seen any ads for it

Phalagorn: angelarachnid - ornata with diffrent size of spot at femur? smile.gif

metallica: http://www.terraristik.com

angelarachnid: 300 euros for something which looks like a cross between miranda and formosa

metallica: do a search on tigris

angelarachnid: ok back son i will see if i can find my pics.

metallica: and they are not even red LOL

Phalagorn: but tigris isn´t a valid name!

angelarachnid: i know

petrospider: He offered them on 2nd of December last time...

MetalDragon_boy: maybe im going to paint my rufilata with tigerstripes and get me own home made tigits? lol

FryLock: was it not beeing named after HFW?

metallica: sp"tigris" big diffrence

Phalagorn: Its is not official yet

petrospider: somebody is calling it "tigris", some "wesselli", but there is a humour it will have absolutelly different name...

FryLock: i would have thought so too

petrospider: That's what I read over another forum not long time ago...

Tescos Logs in

Phalagorn: some one that have any ideas about ornata "blue"

MetalDragon_boy: I belive it is a new species

paul: ive just got my first pokies P.ornata slings 1 inch leg span

harrier1 Logs in

FryLock: have you been able to compair it to normal P.ornata in anyother way then markings tho?

MetalDragon_boy: If someone have done that its Stefan! :p lol

Phalagorn: no, the are to small, but more later when they grow

Sarah Logs in

FryLock: you would need to wait untill you have adult female moults and some dead males from both i would think

MetalDragon_boy: mine is really small to, about 1"

Phalagorn: they are only litle bit blue

Ian_M: so realy its a wait and see job with them ?

paul: could they be hybridised with p.mett??

Phalagorn: FryLock - I might sacrifice 2 (female-male) and send to A. smith and P .Kirk

Phalagorn: paul - i think not, it would be looking diffrent then

paul: was just a suggestion lol in what way would it be different if hibrid sp??

FryLock: i did hear that P.formosa and P.met could cross in the wild iv no idea if the was an truth in it

Phalagorn: i thinking it would be more blue and diffrent patterns ventralty at legs

angelarachnid: i have just tried to post some pics but with the chat running also it is taking forever and i just got a couldnt post message for some reason

Ian_M: Phalagorn when you got yours did you see an adult

angelarachnid: i think i might have to leave the cahat to post pics

angelarachnid: P mettalica also ahve 3 stages of development from egg

angelarachnid: same as formosa (which can also have 4) and miranda

Ian_M: Ray try posting them in the chat tonight thread . I posted the other links there

angelarachnid: i think it would be possible to cross these

paul: how fast do P.ornata grow mine are 1", i can't seem to find much info on them

angelarachnid: they like to be warm and wet

paul: cheers ray

angelarachnid: steffen i have already sent Andy and Pete all the links for this blue stuff and Pete has told me they are nothing but the light form

FryLock: make sure they have some air flow tho to Paul i do a nice job of killing arbo's with no air holes

Martin_H.: P. ornata sp. "purple" =;-) http://foto.arcor-online.net/palb/alben/36...66338626564.jpg

angelarachnid: if you wanna kill to of your spiders just to hear him say it then go ahead

paul: they have air holes i top of container bill lol

Phalagorn: angelarachnid LOL

angelarachnid: Paul i rear most of my ornata (well most pokes if singally) with the inside of the top cut out and cover the top with net curtain

paul: ive replaced the p.irminia i lost with a couple of irminia slings

FryLock: good job to paul i have killed many a spider over the years by forgeting they need to breath

Phalagorn: angelarachnid - nothing but light form? how?

angelarachnid: Ok i will log out for a while and post some pics. back soon

paul: lol bill

Ian_M: Martin that is an impressive picture in your link

paul: i read that communal pokie set ups do well if they are all female

Phalagorn: Martin_H. the link? origial ornata? freshly moult?

paul: was thinking of putting my 2 together but chickened out lol

paul: at what size do pokies get their striking colours on their legs?

Phalagorn: 2 inch

paul: cool

Phalagorn: ventral

paul: spking of vental has any of you seen my post about ventral sexing?

Phalagorn: maybe? link?

paul: i was wondering if i was on the right track or not

Martin_H.: Ian, it's just a normal P. ornata, I think freshly molted (not my photo)

paul: http://www.the-t-store.co.uk/forum/index.php?showtopic=5549

paul: its purely a guess pPhalagorn

angelarachnid: OK pics posted, the last ones i will be doing tonight

angelarachnid: so whats been happening

Phil_messenger: ok ray, i will link them in tomorrow

FryLock: just sent you mail m8

angelarachnid: i only have the chat open the computer wont take any more windows open

FryLock: no worry's

Phalagorn: paul - think male, looks like fusilae at the plate

angelarachnid: the dead spids in the pic were wild caught in Sri Lanka

angelarachnid: as youcan see they are much lighter than normal ornata

angelarachnid: they are STILL only ornata

paul: the pic is spakes Phalagorn

paul: so am i wrong ?? it was just an assumption

Phalagorn: angelarachnid - i see the wide white area at femur

angelarachnid: Pete kirk has this also and still says they are ornata.

Tescos: ello Ray. just reading the chat

angelarachnid: he has examined the type specimens of arnata and something this
different is still ornata then i think the ones with a slightly larger spot will still be

Ian_M: What is supposed to be the differences between the normal ornata and the blue form

Phalagorn: that the blue is light?

angelarachnid: the size of the spot on the underside of the femur of leg 4

angelarachnid: WHAT BLUE?

angelarachnid: colour is not a valid taxonomic tool. and varies to what diffent people see

Phalagorn: that the ones called "blue" it´s the "light form" but itls still ornata, Im i right? wink.gif

angelarachnid: OK sorry with you

FryLock: P.ornata sp "extra white/cream on leg IV femur" is not a great sales pitch

Phalagorn: LOL

angelarachnid: I would say so steffen

paul: does the varied colouration depend on where they are found like P.murinus
( i know how much u like these bill lol )

angelarachnid: but i also think that in the current trend of the hobby anyone who
sees something slightly different in a poke

angelarachnid: might try to cash in on it

angelarachnid: i refer back tomy regalis with more tellow

Phalagorn: your right

FryLock: it's pokey maddness Ray blame the other side of the pond wink.gif

paul: lol

angelarachnid: not sure paul, i think it may also be humidity related to some
degree, but the ones in the pic

paul: i've just started with pokies bill so me need as much info as poss lol

angelarachnid: might be faded with to much light like dead butterflys do after a while

paul: right5 Ray

Phalagorn: angelarachnid : what about the sling,? you got one with big white spots at femut frpm normal ornata?

FryLock: keeping spiders froze keeps there colour quite well

FryLock: they eat lass too

FryLock: less

paul: thats nasty Bill roflmao

paul: you kill alot then Bill lol

angelarachnid: yep i did not even notice untill the first think woith these ornata blue started a few months back

Ian_M: It will be interesting to see what the smaller ones grow up like in captivity with different humidity levles to the wild

FryLock: yup wink.gif

paul: lol

Phil_messenger: lol bill, my freezer is full of spiders

metallica Logs in

FryLock: yes but you put them in alive phil iv seen you wink.gif

angelarachnid: Ian that si some thing for someone else to try

metallica: Darren not here and i still get kicked out...

FryLock: lol

paul: lol

angelarachnid: i will be palying with REAL spiders in Panama this time next yar

paul: lucky you

Tescos: lots of pslmopoeus I hope ray

metallica: Cupenius Ray? LOL

Tescos: psalmopoeus*

FryLock: eddy beat me to it

angelarachnid: Just had a report of a large "tarantula " living in a tree

petrospider: so you plan to go over there in a year already, Ray?

angelarachnid: from an american who has seen tarantulas in the wild in Arazona

FryLock: probally a very large centid(sp) ray

angelarachnid: I planned to be there 2 years ago LOL

petrospider: biggrin.gif

FryLock: with huge eyes and 12" leg's :P

angelarachnid: i think this guy knows what he is talking about (not a spid guy) he identifys lots ofother wild life for people

metallica: bring me back some Phoneutria will you Ray?

FryLock: only trying to spook ya ray lol

Tescos: any idea of genus or just a big spider report?

angelarachnid: you come and get them yourself Eddy

angelarachnid: big spider report in tree

angelarachnid: but also got 2 more Sericopelma? sightings

metallica: when are you going Ray?

angelarachnid: one of which she is geting (male) specimens in her house so has said she will get some deads for me

FryLock: they would be P.boliviensis Eddy from there only one that gets in to CA

angelarachnid: any way this is supposed to be arboreal

Phalagorn: angelarachnid : may i use the pic of the light form of ornata to our swedish forum to explain about this ornata confusion?

angelarachnid: yep no probs they are my pics

Phalagorn: thanks

G_Wright Logs in

angelarachnid: anyone seen any of those "red" pokes?

Phalagorn: no :P

angelarachnid: the spiderlings should be moulting by now?

Phalagorn: hehe

paul: why do H.maculata slings/juves burrow when they are supposed to be aboreal?

Ian_M: Now did anyone here buy any of them ?

paul: Hi G didn't see you there mate

angelarachnid: OH Steffen the lightness could also be due to the drying process

Phalagorn: ok, i tell

angelarachnid: Paul because they are only kids and dont know any better lol

paul: mine is 4 inches across ray

FryLock: be a captive thing i think paul i dont think Phil C found them out of tree's and palms in the wild, been ages since i read any of stuff on them tho

Phalagorn: speaking of "red" I got som e nice pics of Iridopelma sp. "Ceará"
(pics above in thread)

angelarachnid: I think the reason that most arboreal spids burrow is because when they leave the mother tye smaller holes for them tolive in are sometimes full of dirt

angelarachnid: so would burrow into this dirt to ecpand the sm,all hole they have found for themselves

FryLock: yup could be right there

paul: also with H.mac ( i know T's are nocturnal lol ) it's the only T in my collection that appears when it's totally dark

FryLock: my H.mac is odd lately tho

angelarachnid: Steffen are these for sale? can you post a link on the thread

paul: lol

FryLock: very cold and dont move much :(

Martin_H.: ray, as far as I know, nobody has bought some slings of the Poecilotheria sp. "red"

Martin_H.: so, nobody can tell how they look like now

angelarachnid: Martin i heard from a couple of people that they saw people buying some

angelarachnid: so i think there must be some out there

G_Wright: Ray there probably just too embarased now to come forward to show moulted regalis

Ian_M: Thats a shame but cant expect different. I wouldnt have risked the price to find out

angelarachnid: maybe they are to embarased to say what has happened to them

FryLock: P.fas G

G_Wright: sorry P fas

FryLock: yes id say so Ray

Martin_H.: he had also two P. subufsca slings on his table, and someone was
interested in them. He ask me if I could verify if they are real P. subfusca – I guess
the people might saw him selling the P. subfusca slings!

FryLock: but they would have been the herp crowd buying them at Hamm il bet

Tescos: I'm sure I saw one person buy two of them at hamm Martin...at least he
handed over the cash

angelarachnid: and if any one bought some that is one rich greek guy

angelarachnid: maybe Martiin i cannot say for sure i was not there

Martin_H.: Chris, sure for the P. sp. "red" or maybe for the P. subfusca he had?

Phalagorn: angelarachnid: I´ l had post them now Iridopelma sp. "Ceará"

angelarachnid: I will look later it takes forever to get back onto the chat

FryLock: there from I.hirsturms(sp) range to tho's reddish one's

angelarachnid: are they any different to recife?

Phalagorn: ok, write in the thread what you think about it, don´ forget wink.gif

Phalagorn: yes

angelarachnid: I wont

Tescos: I know he was trying to get a reduction on the reds but the greek wasn't having any of it. I never saw the slings handed over though

Phalagorn: I think theyy very beutiful ones

angelarachnid: stop it i cannot go and look LOL

FryLock: there like I.hur the male Ray but the female is redder

Phalagorn: folks: se Arboreal tarantula chat tonight thread of them smile.gif

paul: how do you tell if a t has been hybridised or not when there could be colour variations?

angelarachnid: has anyone bought specimens from Jeffe in the Philipines?

FryLock: i would if i had any money ray :(

angelarachnid: i heard he has an orangy/red arboreal

angelarachnid: or has seen one

Martin_H.: ray, he has a very red burrowing species

angelarachnid: Paul, there are amny rumours of pokes being hybridised, some with
accurate back up

FryLock: $10 is a good price for peerboomi adults for starters

angelarachnid: but so far there are NO dead specimens to compare with or to
prove it actually happens

Martin_H.: btw, anyone seen the ad of Kahlenberg offering "Cyriopagopus sp. blue
II – bluer than C. sp. blue"?

angelarachnid: he sent me pics but i could not open them

FryLock: lol Martin

angelarachnid: No not seen the add Martin

metallica: sp"blue"II, the sequal?

12/9/05 16:31:55 angelarachnid: but if it is like his Avic rotbushel (which they are
NOT) its another rip of

Phalagorn: huh blue II ? whats that? :S

Sarah: i have seen a couple on terarristik, i think there was a III too? :-S

Tescos: Martin do you know if the P.maya that Grabowitz was selling last year
were possitively IDied as such?

FryLock: what happens if you shell out for them and sp blue III comes along

angelarachnid: is there any Pics Martin?

Ian_M: You have to do the upgrade fry . Its only a small download

FryLock: lol

Martin_H.: here is a photo http://hometown.aol.de/bauratum/homepage/d...?mtbrand=AOL_DE

angelarachnid: Chris your writing colour is a but hard to read on my screen

Tescos: better?

angelarachnid: the same

Tescos: better?

angelarachnid: much

Ian_M: now thats blue Martin

Martin_H.: Chris, don't know

Tescos: ok cheers anyway Martin

angelarachnid: can you post a link on the forum please i cannot see it

Ian_M: doing it now ray

metallica: anyone have the Cyrio blue with a dark carapace? same as the bigone @ BTS had?

paul: would i be right in saying that a T has it's own pheremone and therefore a male could not get mixed up with another sp when looking for a mate ?

FryLock: in the wild maybe Paul

paul: that really doesnt look right in text lol

FryLock: when things are in a box odd things can happen wink.gif

angelarachnid: the get the dark carapace as they get older eddy

Martin_H.: ray, have posted the link

angelarachnid: cheers Martin will look later

metallica: i was surpriced your big one still had the light carapace Ray

angelarachnid: Martin do you know if Boris is around?

Martin_H.: Ray, I will meet him tomorrow

angelarachnid: i have a dead Tapinauchinus from Ecuador in alchohol for him, an unidentified sp i think

paul: i know this is aboreal chat but Lee has a poss gold variation of A.seemanni or poss a new Aphnopelma sp

angelarachnid: I will email Lee

Ian_M: You can tell rays one is only young eddy it goes for little pray . Claire

angelarachnid: Can you ask him if he is still doing the Avicularinae with rogerio please

paul: he thought he had sent it out to me but it was his last real seemanni i got rea

angelarachnid: LOL IAn

paul: i have the info from where the gold variation is from

FryLock: is that the T.gigas looking one ray?

Martin_H.: Ray, I will do/ask

angelarachnid: No Fry it looks like a REAL tap

angelarachnid: Cheers Martin

FryLock: oh right

angelarachnid: I posted a pic of it some time back on the T store

angelarachnid: dont know if it is still there

FryLock: very dark with some dark red hair?

FryLock: oh ok not the same one then im thinking of

Phil_messenger: the pic will still be there

angelarachnid: It was sold to me as T eleanae but it obviously is not. got an eggsac but only 23 slings

angelarachnid: yep Fry that one

angelarachnid: T gigas and T elenae

FryLock: i cant link pic here very nice one on VSeV

paul: was looking for info on ornata but u have only the regalis in there

angelarachnid: I am sure they are nor "real " Taps like T. purpureus , latipes etc

angelarachnid: Paul keep singally but otherwise like regalis warmer and wetter

paul: how fast do they grow Ray?

angelarachnid: I think that T gigas et all are more closely related to Avics, a sister line with Psalmopoeus

angelarachnid: same

paul: is the T gigas the orange tree spider?

Phil_messenger: yes

angelarachnid: Yep

FryLock: it was interesting to compair T.gigas with pslam

angelarachnid: They are suposed to be different but similar

angelarachnid: i have only looked at the specimens but not taxonomically

FryLock: they share a lot of char's with New world Ischnocolinae as well as avic's (apart from U hair of course)

angelarachnid: anyone think they could be a sub genus of Avics?

angelarachnid: Night Eddy

FryLock: leg spines and lack of U hair, no keels on the males bulb or embolus, tibal apophysis, the placement of the posterior sigilla, mounds on the labial sternum suture

angelarachnid: lloking more loke Psalmos or Avics?:

Phalagorn: Wake me up when you speking of Pokies gain :P

paul: they have a star marking on their carapace like the P.murinus

FryLock: I think it will need a good look at all the new world groups as well as the Selenocosmiinae

angelarachnid: Yep

paul: are all Avics found in and around french Guyana

angelarachnid: Just remebered something about the Poke "wessli" i was going to ay

Phalagorn: ay?

angelarachnid: i would not by any from Kroes and Maklin untill i found out how much Henrick was selling them for

angelarachnid: say

FryLock: if the new world Ischnocolinae are a realtion of the other Theraphosidae subfamilies with U hairs then i think they have to be looked at incase there a another offshoot that did not gane U setea, just an idea tho

angelarachnid: Most of the blue ones in the pet trade are Paul

angelarachnid: sold as A avic and A mettalica

angelarachnid: above my head fry

FryLock: lol i dont know what i babble about anyway :P

angelarachnid: I was bowing to you fry

FryLock: dont bow we only do that to G

angelarachnid: OK

Phil_messenger: lol

Tescos: talking of psalmos ...I ve had no luck finding a mature ma redunc for you
ray only small juvs here...well 1 small juv to be excact

paul: ive read that although avics are new world they dont flick U hairs but instead
lower their abdomen in order to release them

Phalagorn: angelarachnid : how its going with P. reg (siam folio) ?

Phil_messenger: will leave that in the transcript lol

Tescos: Male*

angelarachnid: Steffen,

FryLock: nope A.veriscolour kick too paul

angelarachnid: i ahve a fresh female but dont think she is big enough to mate yet
and the male i told you about

Phil_messenger: i have seen male versi kick when mating

paul: and spary S**t at ya lol

FryLock: iv seen a female A.purp line her tube web with hairs with her rear leg to

angelarachnid: Ok cheers Chris

Phalagorn: angelarachnid - my moulted, but the exuvia was to bad, :(

Phil_messenger: well known for poop shooting paul

FryLock: could prove that there desended from the same line even tho the U hair type is diffrent

paul: to me some info that i manage to read is conflicting at best and therefore im sometimes lost lol

paul: lol phil

FryLock: yes the ahmm boards on the "other side" of the hobby always tell ppl that avic's dont kick

paul: what temp would create 70% humidity as i don't use gauges

FryLock: iv posted the ref Boris gave here a few times on one forum i can think of too and so has Chris iirc

paul: after enclosure spraying lol

Martin_H.: Fry, you should have been in Stuttgart Kornwestheim when Bertani has
been there – there day after there has been a meeting of people who are
interested in taxononmy and Bertani told someting about the relation of Avicularia, Psalmopoeus, Tapinauchenius, etc. ... quite interesting.

Tescos: to be fair though Bill its true in most cases isn't it?

angelarachnid: Paul most room humidity is around 50-60 all you need is a small dish of water to raise the humidity a little bit

Phil_messenger: are you going to elaborate martin?

paul: it's just i lost 3 fems due to moulting and wasnt sure if i had the humidity right

angelarachnid: Paul did they make web?

Martin_H.: talink about A. versicolor kicking U hairs see also: bertani, R., et al.
(2003): Release of urticating hairs by Avicularia versicolor (Walckenaer, 1837)
(Araneae, Theraphosidae). Bull. Br. Arachnol. Soc. 12(9): 395-398.

paul: and i really dont want to loose my replacement irminia and my new pokie slings

paul: yes

FryLock: i will get there one year Martin same with a few of the big herp shows iv been saying il get to

paul: ray

angelarachnid: Rogerios lecture was very inrteressting wish i ahd taped it

Ian_M: The lecture at KWH in oct was good . Not too sure about the one next March though

Phil_messenger: lol

FryLock: Chris seen the thread there with the male from SE Brazil lol

angelarachnid: Yes that one sounds dodgy as H***

Ian_M: lol

paul: it was wired ray in respect of the stages that a T moults in __ on back __ excreating exuvium fluid and finally splitting the skin,

Tescos: you giving that one on the sunday ray?

angelarachnid: Yep

angelarachnid: BRB fag

paul: the irminia went on back then died, c.cyan excreted ex fluid then died ,
A.seemanni split skin and didnt bother to get its legs out, all made moult mats ray

Martin_H.: Ray, I am not sure (getting old), but maybe I have taped it

Tescos: Phil have you had any movement on the P.pulcher front?

FryLock: he cut your male up Chris lol

paul: can Richard Gallon get in chat yet anyone know?

Phil_messenger: no, fem 2 moulted a few days ago, must get round to getting a spermo shot

Tescos: thats a bugger Phil

angelarachnid: I would be interested in a copy Martin if you have it.

Phil_messenger: still have one mated with your male and another with someone elses

angelarachnid: S. calceata and H maculata,...stroppy and live in trees

paul: lol

angelarachnid: thats African arboreals covered LOL

FryLock: lol

Phil_messenger: lol, Encyo are stroppy too

FryLock: Hyster live in trees too ray

Phil_messenger: now it's covered

Tescos: missed one out there Ray

Phalagorn: My girlfriend is wondring of Avicularia amazonica, any one who know of it?

angelarachnid: OOPS forgot about them

angelarachnid: Steffen dont know, but i am getting some from Marc

angelarachnid: they lok good

angelarachnid: look

Martin_H.: phalagorn, that is not a valid name!

angelarachnid: Steffen i would grab some while they are avaliable, they probably wont be around for long

FryLock: what do they look like Ray?

angelarachnid: yes i know but from the pics i have seen look different

Phalagorn: Martin_H. i know

angelarachnid: Will forward the links to you fry later

FryLock: ty

angelarachnid: but similar to the old mettalica we used to have, the big ones

FryLock: oh the one's i used to cross breed with A.avic nice

Martin_H.: Phalagorn, better use Avicularia sp. "amazonica"

angelarachnid: no doupt gunter will describe them in TOW next month

Ian_M: more volcano sketches

Phalagorn: Martin_H. : yes i know, i just forget wrinting sp. before

angelarachnid: At last i get a chance to partially correct martin,

angelarachnid: I dont think he will sucseed

angelarachnid: or however you spell it

Phil_messenger: no, i will edit out all the Hi's etc and O/T

Martin_H.: in the last issue, in one article he was claiming, that the O. aureotibialis
and H. longipes are no valid names, because he was claiming there is only a PDF
file and no printed version of the Arthropoda (which is not true) and therefore it is
not valid published

angelarachnid: I heard that, i have a printed copy of the PDF file

angelarachnid: where can i get a copy of the arthropoda?

Phalagorn: Martin_H. so, it´s not valid name?

Martin_H.: PHalagorn, correct, Avicularia amazonica is NO valid name!!!

Phalagorn: I ment O. aureotibialis and H. longipes

Martin_H.: they ARE valid!

Phalagorn: Martin_H. ah ok!

angelarachnid: Just a thought, if Volker and/or Martin could send a small piece to the journals and websites saying where the copy of Arthropoda can be obtained with thier articles that should close that argument from Gunter?

Mark_P Logs in

Phalagorn: I´ got 2 diffrent H. longipes

angelarachnid: Hi Mark how are the little darlings

Martin_H.: ray, I will post photos of the printed version of the Arthropoda soon

Mark_P: doing well all 61 off them

angelarachnid: LOL Martin

FryLock: lol

Mark_P: hi Chris dude

Martin_H.: but I guess, Günther will still clame that these photos are a fake

angelarachnid: probably and not properly taxonomically identified LOL

FryLock: lol

FryLock: you can id a book from Pictures sometimes Ray but you need shots of the pages as well as the covers

angelarachnid: OH i thought you cannot tell a book bu its cover?

angelarachnid: by its cover

FryLock: no you need the pages too and/or the issn number

angelarachnid: LOL fry

Tracy_Messenger Logs in

angelarachnid: So where in the trees are we going now? back to pokes, Avics or Taps?

Phil_messenger: your chat ray, you choose

paul: any one you like ray ive got 2 out of those 3 lol

angelarachnid: Im going to the pub

paul: lol

Phil_messenger: lol

angelarachnid: Only joking i have beer here

Ian_M: pokies I am not allowed to toutch the Taps here they are maries

angelarachnid: well sort of only 3% so nearly beer

angelarachnid: and where is your better half tonight Ian?

Phalagorn: let´s talk about pokies :P

Phalagorn: wink.gif

angelarachnid: OK Steffen fire away

Ian_M: not well had fall and hurt her back

Phil_messenger: not seen marie in here for ages

angelarachnid: no i dont know when the book is comming out

Phil_messenger: give her a hammock and call her arboreal

Ian_M: lol

Tracy_Messenger: lol

FryLock: lol

angelarachnid: strap some MDF to her back and get her to a computer

Phil_messenger: just kidding, hope she is ok

paul: ray what about aboreals that go terrestrial

angelarachnid: such as?

Ian_M: A lot of arboreals seem to start off terestrial

FryLock: odd Darren's not been in he normally likes a more spider reatlted chatamoo

paul: P.murinus rcf C .cyan

Chid: i go out terrestrial and come in arboreal

Phil_messenger: what arboreals do you expect to find in Panama?

Martin_H.: have to go now – tomorrow is Hamm and I have to get up early...

paul: lol chid

Phil_messenger: lol chid

angelarachnid: Psalmopoeus, Tapinauchinus and Avics

angelarachnid: i ahve sen one small brown one but got no pics as the cameras died

FryLock: small brown avic?

angelarachnid: Sarah you are quiet for a change LOL

FryLock: if so i will have to get back into avic's

angelarachnid: could be Fry or maybe just reduncas

FryLock: lol

angelarachnid: its hard to identify spiders in the field when you are leaping around with excitement

Sarah: lol..... went through for a flass of wine and have just been waiting for an
opprtune moment to cut in :-D

Sarah: glass*

angelarachnid: reads like you have already had a flask of wine

FryLock: reduncas were pants as far as the buying punters were conserd when
they first came in the hobby now there quite stort after

Sarah: lol, working on it, but not quite yet ;-)

angelarachnid: I know i need males

angelarachnid: so am i

FryLock: like trying to sell horse crap hats lol

Sarah: will keep my eyes peeled :-)

angelarachnid: i think there is some plum schnaps left in the kitchen

paul: lol

angelarachnid: this 3% stuff is good

Sarah: lol

paul: only the strong stuff u like then ray lol

FryLock: lol

angelarachnid: Yep Paul :-)

angelarachnid: prefer real ales but forgot to go to cashline

FryLock: iv got another abor genus

angelarachnid: Go on

FryLock: no one has bought up Cyriocosmos(sp)

FryLock: they live in dead tree stumps

angelarachnid: they probably did but they were to small to see LOL

FryLock: oh iv seen pic's they do

Niko984 Logs in

angelarachnid: NICE i will be loking for some next trip to Panama

FryLock: il find the link will be a bugger to find

Sarah: will your next trip not be your last as a trip?

angelarachnid: no my next trip will not be my last trip

angelarachnid: i think the trip after that will be the last trip

Sarah: ahhh, i see

paul: remind me where panama is please

angelarachnid: between Coloumbia and Costa Rica in central America

paul: cheers ray

Niko984: I am sorry for interupting but I have one question. Have you ever hear for Avicularia sp. Amazonica

FryLock: http://www.sweb.cz/radan.kaderka/tarantula...star/cyrsp2.htm

angelarachnid: Niko yes

FryLock: iv put link on the thread too

angelarachnid: It is not a real sp and as Martin Huber pointed out it should be called

angelarachnid: Avicularia sp "amazonica"

Niko984: it just throw me down

angelarachnid: Ok Niko

Niko984: do you have any picture?

angelarachnid: it should be called Avicularia sp "amazonica"

Niko984: ok

angelarachnid: i would grab as many specimens as you can as these are a different Avic to others going around

angelarachnid: Niko i will post a link to pictures on the chat thread on the forum later

Niko984: one from Germany is offering to me and I will take 3 slings to see what will become from them

Niko984: ok Thanks

angelarachnid: i cannot do it just now as i have to leave the chat then come back in again = 20mins

Niko984: I think that 10€ is not much for try

Niko984: is a small sling

angelarachnid: Niko i would go for more slings if you can afford them, can you post a link on the forum thread to where people can get them please

paul: have P.mettallica come down in price Ray?

Niko984: it is a Greman dealer named Santoro

Niko984: Santoro

angelarachnid: This is one of those species which will only be here for a short time and never seen again, unless some peopel get breeding groupd set up

Niko984: Christian Santoro

Niko984: I can gave you his E-mail if you wish

angelarachnid: I though it was Marc Baumgarten (now you see the Amazonica link) who was selling them?

angelarachnid: post it on the forum thread for this chat please

Sarah: i think there are a couple of people.... i have seen a couple of ads on terarristik

Niko984: I do not have link because it throw me out when I wish to see it

angelarachnid: Yes paul down to £90 per spiderling

angelarachnid: OK Niko

paul: how big are they for that price?

angelarachnid: maybe people have bought adults and have w/c eggsacs

angelarachnid: no idea paul

paul: that help loads ray lmao

Huk7 Logs in

Ian_M: £90 a pop Ray at least a mad Viking had the decency to wait untill I was drunk before offering them for that price

angelarachnid: Yep £90 a pop, will do them cheaper in bulk but i dont ahve 100

Sarah: lol

geordieshaun Logs in

FryLock: i will swop you real p.vorax for them as soon as i get brown paint on this P.lugardi i have here

Phil_messenger: lol bill

Ian_M: Ray thats a shame as I had a spare 9k but now will have to spend it on beer LOL

angelarachnid: That wont last you long

angelarachnid: i have seen you drink

Ian_M: should see me through untill the christmass suplies come in lol

FryLock: make a fake moult up has proof too just need to get the lobes off a E.pachypus spermo

Huk7: I assume this is your mets you're talking about ray?

angelarachnid: Yep

angelarachnid: theyare not spiderlings yet

Huk7: excuse me, probably covering old ground here, but how are they doing?

angelarachnid: i think i have another 4 sllepless weeks before they are

FryLock: or have P.lug got lobes allready i forget

angelarachnid: they are still N1

Ian_M: It is good news thoug Ray even if I cant afford them

angelarachnid: and not doing anything apart fropm making me older

Tescos: yes they do bill

Huk7: regardless of outcome, a big congrats anyway, that was a result and a being a UK first, excellent!

FryLock: yes i took a bloody pic of one i should know aghagh

angelarachnid: I dont have slings yet Ian when i have slings it will be good news

angelarachnid: Cheers Howard

Phil_messenger: bill http://homepage.ntlworld.com/the.tarantula...m-P.lugardi.jpg

Ian_M: True one step at a time

FryLock: yes i cut that out of a dryed dead female

angelarachnid: i have now had an eggsac from all species (apart from Wessli) this year

Phil_messenger: thats great news ray

FryLock: you called it wessli wink.gif

paul: im still waiting on my rosea to maybe drop an egg sac she was mated back in june

Ian_M: Not been a bad year after all Ray even though the regalis takeover of the UK slowed a bit

geordieshaun: lol

Huk7: lol, got hold of me though!!

Chid: any one know of any subfusca going anywhere??

FryLock: hows the real jobby going ray

Huk7: so it's spread as far as the South Coast

FryLock: Chid was thinking the same as me then

angelarachnid: Paul give her a cold period

Chid: oh s##t , i'll go see a doc - i'm thinking like fry !!!

angelarachnid: Yes Fry

paul: how cold ray?

angelarachnid: Chid i have subfuscas going no where

FryLock: good and good you may see monre money fro pokes from me then biggrin.gif

Phil_messenger: i have bred rosea 3 times. all with a cool time

angelarachnid: what temps PHIL I NEVER GOT SACS FROM MINE

angelarachnid: sorry caps lock went on

Phil_messenger: not sure, quite cold, floor of my spider room

Phil_messenger: less than 70

Phil_messenger: colder at night

Huk7: about 66-70 sounds fairly good

angelarachnid: Ian i am working on the regalis for next year got 2 sacs already for May

Phil_messenger: kept them cool for 8 to 12 weeks

Huk7: Ray, how long do regalis females take to mature on average then, from slings?

Chid: Ian , your boy still going strong

angelarachnid: Dont have the data yet Howard but miranda i had an eggsac at 20 months

Huk7: jesus! and is that trying power feeding, high temps etc, or just 'normal' conditions?

angelarachnid: just normal

Ian_M: good news that Chid still hope there

Phil_messenger: rays room is not overly hot

Phil_messenger: mine is hotter

Huk7: I'm going to buy shares in Custom Aquaria, if you keep on knocking Pokies out like that and all of the arboreal tanks needed!!

Tracy_Messenger: lol

Huk7: how are the wild populations of pokies looking, safety wise? I know that
there has been a lot of civil unrest, but what about habitat destruction or
environmental changes affecting them?

FryLock: deforstation biggey everywere nowdays

Ian_M: Habitat destruction seems to be the biggest problem

Huk7: very true, getting to the point where there are more in captivity than the wild and that void must be getting wider all of the time

Phil_messenger: yet some would have you believe w/c for the hobby is the biggest threat to wild populations

Phil_messenger: perhaps this is a cat for another topic night

Huk7: worth a thought

FryLock: the dead pinned trade is a much bigger threat

Chid: what to butterflys lol

FryLock: and eatting them in South east asia

Ian_M: and even that is small compared to the loss of habitat

FryLock: they have only been doing it since the days of pol pot and it's spreading

Phil_messenger: thats true bill

Huk7: I saw that on that TV program and the numbers were huge!!

Chid: and rick west using them as toothpicks

Huk7: and that's one area

Huk7: lol

FryLock: it's spreading into other countrys in the regon now i believe

Phil_messenger: any more arboreal chat / comments?

Huk7: when you use the incubator, do you find you get a condensation build up on the walls of the holding tank or not?

FryLock: what do pokes taste like vs Haplopelma?

angelarachnid: Huk as there have been no population studies done noone knows the impact on wild collecting on the species

Huk7: in your experience, did you find the specimens easy to find though?

angelarachnid: which species?

Huk7: just Pokes in general really

Huk7: sorry a bit unspecific that

angelarachnid: very hard

Phil_messenger: what site are you looking at?

angelarachnid: smithi in Sri Lanka

Tracy_Messenger: lol

angelarachnid: the biggest threat there is habitat loss (future BTS journal)

angelarachnid: One of the colonys of Sericopelma in Panama were very easy to find once you had located the colony

angelarachnid: while another colony is almost gone (man building houses)

Huk7: I suppose in those sort of instances, micro climates come into play, all congregating in areas that provide the best conditions for survival

FryLock: all live at farely high alt Sericopelma right Ray?

angelarachnid: Huk it is not known how big the range for smithi is in Lanka

angelarachnid: Fry i have found sericopelma at sea level and at high altitude

FryLock: ever seen the one that looks a lot like B.vagans?

angelarachnid: yes but only a pic

angelarachnid: i have the site though

FryLock: i saw some pic of chap's a while back il send you the link later

angelarachnid: cheers fry REALLY appreciate that

FryLock: S.rubronitens i believe he got them from a pet shop in the states

FryLock: look like B.vagans but the male without apophysis

Phil_messenger: not seen that bill

angelarachnid: Long story

FryLock: il email the link now

angelarachnid: rubronitens comes from one are in Panama while the vagans ones come from another area

angelarachnid: the areas are separated by a high mountain range

angelarachnid: so not rubronitens

angelarachnid: and since the type of rubronites is in Vienna highly unlikely that any of the yanks accessedthe type specimens for ID

FryLock: link sent

Phil_messenger: cheers bill

angelarachnid: so far i have 3 different Sericopelma from Panama from 2 known described sp which may actually be the same

FryLock: Pic's of the male there Ray sub adult and adult

angelarachnid: oki will log off and come back in

angelarachnid Logs Out

paul: oh could someone please email me some info on the p.ornata as i cant find much on them my addy on the bottom of my posts, would really appreciate it guys

angelarachnid Logs in

angelarachnid: looking at pics

FryLock: very nice spider better looking then a vagan i think

angelarachnid: i think the Sericopelma is vagans as itis nothing like the red and black i know from Panama

angelarachnid: and what a load of B***** they talk

angelarachnid: what is that blue thing?

FryLock: you think he he missed the apop?

FryLock: i dont know what that blue thing is but i would pay good money for it dead even

angelarachnid: didnt see the apaop but they are too "black"

FryLock: only prob is he does not show that sercio/vang thing at the angle to see the underside of the tib so we only have his word

FryLock: lol i could show you some there that would make your blood boil

FryLock: i remeber the chap with the chilo who said it was an ozzy selenocosmina

angelarachnid: well what you think of the first discussion night?

FryLock: when well i think

angelarachnid: do you think it will be something that might catch on?

FryLock: oh iv just checked back on the blue thing thread it's a Chromatapopelma.sp without any U setae wink.gif

FryLock: yes we should do it more often

angelarachnid: I spoke to Soren and will speak to Volker and Borin and Martin about an Asian night

FryLock: that would be good

angelarachnid: and the next one will be Marie on Geology

FryLock: lol

angelarachnid: Phil Richard and Timo can chat amonst themselves on Africans LOL

angelarachnid: sorry Phil had to say that

FryLock: no i will be in on that one for my sins

angelarachnid: spose i will come in also

FryLock: i relise i was wrong about boon's when i was in the hobby years ago

FryLock: there great and dont die if you neglegt them

angelarachnid: yes so did i though they would be popular

FryLock: lol

angelarachnid: LOL

Phil_messenger: look forward to thenext one

FryLock: damn i did not feed or water a load of P.lug of phil for ages and only one died :O

angelarachnid: well i think i will call it a night,

Phil_messenger: well hard spiders bill

angelarachnid: phil what didyou think of the night?

FryLock: thats true all doing well now tho

Phil_messenger: got a couple of others here for you bill, bit cold to post at the min

Phil_messenger: and need ur addy again

FryLock: haha what are they?

FryLock: ok np

FryLock: i dont mind feeding them for you so long as i dont kill them

angelarachnid: I have never tried to hybridise anything but got alot of females cross LOL

FryLock: one of the old versis big and nasty not like the crap ones today

Phil_messenger: this is really gonna take some editing

Sarah: lol

FryLock: they were very nasty to not just a bigger form

Phalagorn: hello guys

angelarachnid: LOL Phil

Sarah: my fem is a bit nasty..... she's the only avic i really have to watch

FryLock: yes they really flyed of the handle back then but iv seen ppl put there hands down there tubes now with no probs

Sarah: i wouldn't dare with mine.... too unpredictable, lol

FryLock: funny i dont keep avic's now i think it's mind block can put my hand in my pocket for them as i used to sell them humm it's odd

angelarachnid: I am off ski i need to give the digits a break LOL

angelarachnid: night all and thanks for comming in.

Phil Messenger
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Martin H.
Posted: December 10, 2005 04:47 pm
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Der Rausschmeißer

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QUOTE (angelarachnid @ Dec 9 2005, 11:45 PM)
I was going to post links to pics of Avicularia sp "amazonica " here but i have deleted the email.


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Posted: December 10, 2005 07:05 pm
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Very interesting read there

sorry I have to dash off last nigth but I had stuff to do.

Cheers Guys for posting up the transcript wink.gif

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Mikhail F. Bagaturov
Posted: December 12, 2005 09:23 am
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Hello ALL!

Really nice!

Seems so I miss a lot cry.gif

I saw, Mr. Smuggler found a new species rolleyes.gif
Avicularia sp baumgarteni? fing.gif

All the best,
Mikhail F. Bagaturov from Russia

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Posted: December 12, 2005 09:40 am
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Master of Snake Mountain

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So exactly how does it differ from all the other Avicularia species which have been described to date hum.gif

All because it's new to the hobby doesn't automatically mean it's a new species rolleyes.gif

Why is it that every time somebody goes and finds a spider in the wild, it's automatically a "new undescribed species" smilie_mocking.gif Either they know sweet-FA or huge amounts of unpublished taxonomic information rolleyes.gif (99% of the time it's the first option moon.gif ).


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Mikhail F. Bagaturov
Posted: December 12, 2005 10:09 am
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Hello Richard!

I think Mr. Smuggler is a man who's always get something new one f1.gif not common - that's that lefted for a people like me smilie_mocking.gif

All the best,
Mikhail F. Bagaturov from Russia

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Timo Raab
Posted: December 12, 2005 10:24 am
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thx for the logs - i wasnt out of time at friday, so good to read the Logs. smile.gif

best wishes
Timo R.

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